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At London International we are passionate about helping homeless and orphaned children. We believe that the situation you are born into, shouldn't deprive you of a bright future. We work on the principle that all children should be born equal and with equal opportunities. We believe that all Children have the right to an adequate standard of living, to education, the right to play and access good quality healthcare. Therefore, we have created the We Care- Help Orphans charitable section of our business.

The children we help come from very difficult circumstances. One child we were able to help in the past was called Mohammed. When Mohammed was just 3 years old his parents were killed in a road traffic accident caused by a drunk driver, leaving him orphaned. For many children like this, such a tragedy would deprive them of a bright future. However with help from the charitable foundation of LIIMs we were able to help pay for Mohammed's school books, extra tuition and living expenses. He finished high school at the top of his class, winning a scholarship to study Chemical Engineering at Masdar University.

Every year we donate a significant portion of our profits towards helping orphans like Mohammed to reach there potential. In addition we invest in the infrastructure of orphanages all over the UAE.

According to the United Nations Children's Organisation (UNICEF), orphaning and homelessness are on the rise in the UAE.This deeply saddens us and this trend must be stopped. We don't want any more children to suffer the loss and pain that Mohammed has had to endure. We envision a future where loving homes can be found for all orphaned children, a future where child suffering is a thing of the past.

Proceeds from our Orphan Fund will go towards clothes, school books and medical care for orphans like Mohammed. We also intend to dedicate a portion of our fund towards improving the facilities, the quality of life and support services available inside orphanages.

We strive to improve the lives of children all over the world! Support them by supporting us.

Each Donation Shall Feed An Orphan Kid (Donations not accepted until further notice)
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